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Hazardous Storage Cupboards » Acid & Alkali Cabinets.

Acid & Alkali Cabinets.

Store acids and alkali products in our rigid storage cabinets clearly labelled and fitted with removable spillage trays and liquid-tight sump tray.


Please note, these cabinets are not acid-proof so it is recommended that acids are stored in their original containers with lids firmly secured.


  • 0.9mm Zintec steel for extra resistance to corrosion
  • High visibility powder coated steel
  • Suitable warning labels
  • 3-way chrome locking handle


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Please contact us for highlands, islands and export - delivery at cost.
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H712xW355xD305 1 Shelf 1 Door GP88FA33
inc. VAT
H610xW459xD459 1 Shelf 1 Door GP88A644
inc. VAT
H915xW459xD459 1 Shelf 1 Door GP88A944
inc. VAT
H1830xW459xD459 3 Shelves 1 Door GP88A844
inc. VAT
H610xW610xD305 1 Shelf 2 Doors GP88A663
inc. VAT
H712xW915xD305 1 Shelf 2 Doors GP88A793
inc. VAT
H712xW915xD459 1 Shelf 2 Doors GP88A794
inc. VAT
H915xW915xD459 1 Shelf 2 Doors GP88A994
inc. VAT
H1220xW915xD459 2 Shelves 2 Doors GP88A294
inc. VAT
H1525xW915xD459 3 Shevles 2 Doors GP88A594
inc. VAT
H1830xW915xD459 3 Shelves 2 Doors GP88A894
inc. VAT
H1830xW1220xD459 3 Shelves 2 Doors GP88A824
inc. VAT
Extra Shelf W355xD305 GP88ES33A
inc. VAT
Extra Shelf W459xD459 GP88ES44A
inc. VAT
Extra Shelf W610xD305 GP88ES63A
inc. VAT
Extra Shelf W915xD459 GP88ES94A
inc. VAT
Extra Shelf W1220xW459 GP88ES24A
inc. VAT

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