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Galvanised Shelving » Starter Bays

Starter Bays

Fully galvanised 5 level shelving system. Quality galvanised shelving with corrosion resistant finish, comes with metal feet and plastic top caps. Range must come supplied with a starter bay first to which multiples of extension bays can be attached. Ideal for runs of storage in warehouses, workshops and residential garages.
Easy to clean with removable shelf panels. Straightforward assembly. Once starter bay is assembled extension bays add on to the unit making long runs easier to assemble.
  • 5 levels as standard
  • Sold as starter and extension bays
  • Ideal if steel shelves are preferred over chipboard decks
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Easier assembly


All shelving is at a height of 2025mm.

Normally 2-3 working days from order.
Please contact us for islands, EU and export deliveries


900W x 400Dmm
inc. VAT
900W x 600Dmm
inc. VAT
900W x 800Dmm
inc. VAT
1200W x 400Dmm
inc. VAT
1200W x 600Dmm
inc. VAT
1200W x 800Dmm
inc. VAT
1500W x 400Dmm
inc. VAT
1500W x 600Dmm
inc. VAT
1500W x 800Dmm
inc. VAT
1800W x 400Dmm
inc. VAT
1800W x 600Dmm
inc. VAT
1800W x 800Dmm
inc. VAT

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