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Leading industrial brands, 97% UK manufactured, our best prices and a great service
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Industrial floor tiles

Garage Storage Cabinets, Floor Tiles and Wall Storage

85% UK manufactured, excellent quality garage storage cabinets at competitive prices

Here we offer some of the best industrial storage products available in the UK. We aim to keep our prices sensible and to provide value-for-money keeping our overheads and costs low whilst at the same time offering high service levels.

These first-rate industrial storage and workstation products are also ideal for businesses, schools and industry at the same sensible prices.

Dura, Bott, and GP metal cabinets and workbenches are manufactured of high quality powder coated steel by leading UK companies and have been proven in industry across the UK and Europe.

NewAge products are manufactured to similar high levels of quality but sourced in large production batches from overseas to benefit from economies of scale which we pass on to buyers.




Cabinets, Benches and Floor Tiles - Sensibly Priced Top Brands


  • Top grade 85% British manufactured products
  • A wide choice from several manufacturers
  • Competitively priced storage cabinets
  • CUSTOM cabinet design available
  • Free cabinet layout survey and 3D design service
  • Durable industrial workshop floor tiles for that perfect finish
  • One-to-one service and support


Industrial workplace cabinets and workstation


 Industrial drawer cabinets and workstation

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